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1- cleanser:

With its special structure and soft particles, it is positioned gently between your fingers and face, providing a pleasant cleaning experience. It gently cleanses your make-up, residues and roughness caused by air pollution. Dermatalogically tested.

2- Tonic:

- You will see more result from essence because it treats skin at cellular level.

- It is a concentrated formula that specifically targets wrinkles, fine lines or dull&uneven skin tone. 

- It also removes leftover cleanser&makeup residues while at the same time retain moisture. 

- The gentle formula also helps to minimise pores&gives that refreshing skin look&feel. 

3- serum:

With regular use, it is rapidly absorbed by the skin, helping to reduce the visibility of dark spots while equalizing the skin tone. It helps prevent dark spots and color differences that may occur in the future with its special content reinforced with sand lily and moss extracts.

4- cream with spf 22:

With its UV protection feature in its special formula, it helps to maintain the brightness of the skin and even the skin tone in 

regular use. It contributes to making the skin look more energetic and radiant, and supports its lightening and increase of the moisture level of the skin. 

5- Eye cream:

Helps to give a smoother and shining appearance with regular use with its formula containing Sand lily and Moss extract. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and bagging around your eyes, while providing a unique care pleasure. Dermatologically tested.

1- cleanser: Use twice a day, morning and evening. 2- Tonic: Use cotten pad&apply sufficient amount of product to it. Dab or press with light touches all over the face& let it absorb into the skin. Don't forget to apply at the neck area too. Recommended to use twice a day after cleansing. 3- serum: Taking 2-3 drops, apply firstly with bumper movements and then with circular movements over your entire face. 4- cream: - Gently massage with circular movements all over the face& neck. - Recommended to use twice daily. 5- Eye cream: Apply by massaging your eyes and through your eye sockets.
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