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Hair Growth Stimulator Diamond Hair Oil

Hair Growth Stimulator Diamond Hair Oil
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Hair Growth Stimulator Diamond Hair Oil

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Diamond Hair keratin serum and hair care oil help stimulate your hair growth and new hair growth. Thanks to its anti-spill and regenerating formula you will have shiny, fast-growing, lively hair. In addition to repairing the burns and wear caused by external factors, it nourishes your hair from the root to the end by providing effective care for the hair that is not exposed to sun and gets little air.

Diamond Hair Unisex (it suits men and women).

You now have a very important help against problems such as hair loss, burning and fraying, breaks, slow growth of hair caused by dyeing or external factors ...   Thanks to Diamond Hair Care Oil, which  consists of 25 different plant extracts and  is 100% natural , you can combat these problems very easily now. This oil blend helps your hair grow faster while also caring for your hair.

This set consists of 15 care oils and 15 ozone shampoos . It is a month use set.

And To enhance the effect, more use a shampoo Diamond keratin + ozone that works on:

 It strengthens the hair by releasing protein into hair roots and strands thanks to its keratinous content, which is the biggest food source of hair. While it helps you to have a bulky hair by preventing hair loss in regular use, it also contributes to the formation of new hair.

1- You need to apply this natural oil mixture (the yellow tube) on your the hair at night or at least 30 minutes before rinsing your hair. The more you keep the oil in your hair, the better results you can get.  The oil you apply by massaging your hair and it's roots will:

nourish your hair,

affects your hair follicles

stimulates and provides you solid new hair formations.

2- After applying and keeping the care oil on your hair, you can rinse your hair with the blue tube ozone shampoo in the set . Since this shampoo contains ozone, it acts on your hair follicles, breathes and pumps oxygen to your scalp.

After using the oil and ozone shampoo you will notice that your hair grows faster and more voluminously within 30 days.

3- Apply some shampoo Diamond keratin + ozone massaging by the wet hair. Rinse with plenty of water after waiting 2-3 minutes.

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