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Dermastamp For Hair 1,00Mm

Dermastamp For Hair 1,00Mm
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Dermastamp For Hair 1,00Mm

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It is a micro needling tool with 80 titanium needles on the stamp head.

It stimulates the wound healing mechanism without damaging the skin and ensures the production of collagen synthesis.

It facilitates the absorption of the products used thanks to the micro channels opened in the skin.

It is used for baldness, ringworm, hair loss, hair thinning and many more problems.

Dermastamp Sizes:

0,50mm - Can be used in baldness situations and very short hair.

1,00mm - Can be used on short and normal length hair.

1,50mm - It is long and can be used on thinning or shedding hair.

1. We purify the area to be treated beautifully.
2. We sterilize Dermastamp needles with dermaroller disinfectant.
3. We gently comb the application area 3-5 times in a push-pull manner.
4. We use our skin care products such as serum, ampoules, if any, immediately after the procedure.
5. After the application, we disinfect the dermastamp and put on the protective cap.
6. Dermastamp application is recommended at night. The application area should not be washed until morning (minimum 6 hours).

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This item cannot be exchanged or returned