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Eeose Beard Serum 60 Ml

Eeose Beard Serum 60 Ml
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Eeose Beard Serum 60 Ml

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Beard and mustache, which make men of all ages much more flashy, has a very important place in male care. Eeose Beard Serum is produced to care for men's beard. Hair and beard density may vary depending on genetic factors as well as environmental conditions. Eeose offers effective solutions to problems such as sparse beard, regional shedding, hair-breaking and weak hair roots, which are independent of genetic negativities. Thanks to its strong content that nourishes the hair follicles, Eeose provides the beards to look more groomed, grow and renew.

Strong and Intense Beards

Eeose Beard Serum nourishes the hair roots thanks to its natural extracts. It helps to strengthen existing hairs, harden and provide an intense appearance. For this reason, the use of serum will help make the beards look more intense. 
Eeose beard serum is effective against regional hair loss. Beards, it may spill out from time to time due to many reasons such as seasonal, stress-induced or irregular nutrition. Eeose will prevent hair reduction in the area where hair loss is experienced by feeding the hair follicles. 
Serum nourishes the hair roots in sparse and shed beards, as well as has a positive effect on the overall appearance of the beard. 
It is possible with the Eeose Beard Serum to revitalize the gaps in the beard of men, and the sparse-sparse areas. While beards are more intense in some regions, they may remain weak in some regions or form a gap. The serum supports the formation of new hair follicles in the cavities, allowing hair to grow. 
It helps to nourish newly formed hair follicles especially in young men. It is effective for the beard structure to become bushy and dense and for the beard to grow faster. 

Effective in Hair Breaking Skin Diseases

* Eeose Beard Serum can be used for purposes such as nourishing existing hair and balancing its distribution, as well as providing supportive care in the treatment of diseases such as hair breakage. When used in the area where the hair breakage occurs, it has a reducing effect on disease symptoms. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, it helps revive dead hair follicles. It prevents the hair follicles from getting damaged by getting a scaly appearance of the beard skin.

Active Ingredients:
Eeose consists of effective components that provide the formation and strengthening of the hair. The ingredients such as kerastime s and panthenol, biotin is used in hair and hair health against shedding and breakage problems. It also contains natural plant extracts and vitamin E. Vitamin E is a vitamin that strengthens the hair follicles and strengthens the hair and beard. It is also frequently used in the treatment of flaking and sparing problems caused by skin conditions. Eeose Beard Serum, with its natural plant extracts and content that provides intense vitamin  supports hair growth and formation by being absorbed directly by the skin. The active ingredients in it are substances that allow hair and beard to grow fast, thin and become healthy. 

Eeose Beard Serum active ingredients: Peptide Complex, GP4G, cell active, t.terresteris, kerastime s, forskohli and biotin, vitamins, panthenol

Eeose Assurance with Tested Expert Laboratories:
Eeose is a brand that produces world-proven products with the aim of supporting a beautiful and healthy skin appearance by producing solutions to skin problems. The company, which analyzes the problems of the consumers in detail, prioritizes developing innovative solutions in each product and making reliable production using the latest technology. For this reason, each product is first subjected to laboratory tests and determined according to the needs of the skin types. Clinical tests are carried out by a team of experts and care is taken to produce natural, anti-allergenic ingredients. Receiving of Frost & Sullivan 27% Excellence Award in 2011, the brand carries out its R&D studies with the principle of problem-innovation-solution. 

Skin Type:
It is suitable for all skin types.

Suggestions for Use:
Eeose Beard Serum is suitable for daily regular use. You can apply it to your clean skin after having a beard shave every day. The product does not cause irritation by giving softness to your skin. It is produced for every skin type. Regular use is very important to get high efficiency from Eeose Beard Serum. If used regularly, it will concentrate the beards significantly between 3-6 months. It is enough to apply once a day. It is recommended not to apply to areas such as around the eyes or under the neck, except for the areas where you want your beards to grow thicker. 
Apply only once a day. be careful, it should not be applied outside the area beard
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