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Luis Bien Eye Contour Perfection

Luis Bien Eye Contour Perfection
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Luis Bien Eye Contour Perfection

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Luis Bien Eye Contour Perfection:

- Revitalizing Eye Care Cream helps to speed up blood circulation and revitalize the eye area.

- Thanks to its special content, it contributes to bring a beautiful and bright look under the eyes.

- 3 effective care creams targeting under-eye bags, dark circles and around the eyes.

- It helps to give your skin a silky softness and freshness.

- With its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, vitamin E, Peptides, Aloe Vera extract and Horse Chestnut Extract, it contributes to natural protection around the eyes.

The Importance of Eye Care Cream:

- Experts state that aging around the eyes starts much earlier than the rest of the face and progresses faster.

- The reason for this is that the skin around the eyes is thinner, it produces less oil and therefore it quickly loses moisture as it creates a weaker barrier.

Therefore, the elasticity of the skin disappears much more quickly and wrinkles occur.

- Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Horse Chestnut Extract and Aloe Vera Effect; Eye Care Cream, which provides deep under eye care, moisturizes the skin and penetrates a few layers below, providing deep care.

- It helps to support the regeneration process under your eyes and the nutrients and ingredients that the skin needs.


- Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5,

- Vitamin E, Horse Chestnut Extract,

- Peptides and Aloe Vera.

- Apply morning and evening around the eyes you have completed cleaning. - Used externally.
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This item cannot be exchanged or returned