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LifeCell Collagen offers you the important effects of caviar in addition to collagen. In addition to the Collagen effect, which contributes to the strengthening of the connective tissue, reducing wrinkles and regeneration of the cells, Caviar helps to strengthen the immune and digestive system, renew body tissues and increase male performance. These two special effects met in LifeCell Collagen Caviar content.

- Caviar: Caviar , which has healing effect especially on open wounds, provides healing in a short time. Caviar, known for its enhancing and mind-opening effect on the brain, contains plenty of vitamin B12. Caviar, which is a complete protein storage, is good for complaints such as weakness, fatigue and gives energy.

- Collagen: Collagen is a type of protein created by fibroblasts and other cells. The main task of collagen in skin and muscle cells is to strengthen connective tissue and maintain body integrity.

- Hyaluronic acid:While it is found in many parts of the body, it carries nutrients throughout the matrix structure, moisturizes the body and retains water in different tissues. Hyaluronic Acid in our body is an important ingredient in making the skin look fuller and fighting signs of aging.

- coenzyme q10: The first effect it will provide to the skin is to energize the skin. Because the skin needs energy to be able to control and repair the damage, and this energy is provided with the coenzyme Q10. It is known to slow skin aging and help remove wrinkles.

- Biotin:It is important to keep the oil content in the balance in order to avoid skin problems. When Biotin is used regularly, it is diluted and provides dispersion to the skin. As this will help maintain the moisture content, the skin gets brighter and more vivid. Providing the transfer of oil to the skin will purify and renew the cells in that area. In this way, the skin will get rid of dead cells and signs of aging will be delayed.

- Vitamins C, E, B5, B6: It gives the skin tightness and elasticity, keeps the tissues together and helps the wounds heal. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles helps prevent sagging on the skin.

Once a day, pack one of the powder form or one of the effervescent tablet form into a glass of water and consume it.
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